Infiray CH-50V2 Clip On Thermal


The Clip CH50 series is designed as thermal attachments formost traditional rifle scopes. NO REZEROING is needed, just CLAMP&SHOOT!Zoom the image 2times and 4times is supported on CH50 series without affecting the aiming accuracy when mounted on the day optics. Now expanding your hunting gear together with our CH50 series!


  • Thermal scope attachment
  • Use as scope or monocular
  • Sensor res – 640×512 12μm
  • Remote control & attachment
  • 2 – 4x digital zoom
  • 2597m Detection range

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Infiray CH-50V2 Clip On Thermal users can receive several benefits over night vison hunting when using with traditional optics or even thermal or night vision scopes. After attaching the thermal Clip on to traditional sight you can reach the same creature comforts of shooting with day optics you are accustomed to, including your existing reticle and eye relief. The Clip CH50 Series thermal attachment even allows you to continue utilizing your riflescope’s variable magnification.

Infiray CH-50V2 Clip On Thermal

High Image Quality

The 12um 640*512 resolution high performance InfiRay Vox thermal detector with NETD 40mk ensures prefer thermal detail recognition even in the hardest weather conditions. The smallest temperature differences will be precisely detected during the rainfall, fog, cold morning or other worse conditions for thermal imager.

High Image Quality

No Re-Zeroing required and Quick attached

With the special calibration to the front thermal attachment CH50 series, No Re-zeroing is required after attaching to the day scopes. Clamp and Shoot, that’s it. With the quick release IAR-adapter mount, the Clip CH50 series can be easily attached to or detached from day optics in seconds without losing zeroing. The mount is capable of performing precise alignment of the attachment’s field of view with central point of the day optics in order to achieve the optimal viewing position.

No Zeroing Required

E-zoom supported with shooting accuracy unaffected

2x/4x of digital zoom is enabled for Clip CH50 series. It supports adjusting the zooming center to align with the reticle center of your optical sight without affecting the shooting aiming accuracy. When used as thermal monocular or attachments, CH50 series supports 1x basic magnification with 2X/4X digital zooming.

Compared with the optical magnification of the same multiple of the optical sight, the thermal imaging quality after electronic magnification is more delicate and the details are kept perfectly complete.

Point-of-impact stability

The Clip CH50 series build precision workmanship. Cutting-edge design and advanced software deliver reliable, repeatable point-of-impact stability without requiring any windage or elevation adjustments from the day optics.

Infiray CH-50V2 Clip On Thermal

Ultra-clear Mode

The proprietary ultra-clear thermal imaging technology of InfiRay is comprised of software algorithms designed for inclement weather such as heavy fog and rain to increase thermal imaging clarity and overall thermal image detail. The built-in Ultra-clear mode results in a more detailed field of view and enhanced object identification capabilities.

Ultra Clear Mode

Extended battery compartment

The CH50 series is equipped with an extended battery compartment which means using two 16650 batteries is allowed, users can receive additional using time and the maximized battery life of CH50 series is increased up to 7h.

Battery Compartment

Wireless Remote Control

Wireless remote control can be fixed near trigger which allows basic operations to be fulfilled easily.The ergonomic Blue tooth wireless remote control designed by InfiRay Outdoor with three buttons will put the full range of CH50 series operations at user’s fingertips.

Wireless Remote

Compatible with 1-9X day optics

Benefit from the 48mm oversized eyepiece, the Clip CH50 V2 works best with 1-9× magnification optical sights. With the IAR-adapter, you can attach the Clip CH50 V2 to most traditional rifle scopes with objective lens diameters of 40mm-55mm and turn the optical sights into thermal imaging devices without affecting the point-of-impact.

Infiray CH-50V2 Clip On Thermal

Infiray CH-50V2 Clip On Thermal – Specs

Model CH-50V2
Resolution 640*512
Pixel Size, μm 12
NETD ≤40mk
Frame Rate 50Hz
Objective lens, mm 50
Field of view 8.8°x7.0°
Recommended magnification of the day sight, x 1-9
Magnification Attachment or Monocular:
Display 1024*768 OLED
Built-in Motion Sensor and Digital Compass Supported
Battery CR123 x 2/16650 x 2
Max. battery life, h 4h/7h
Dimension, mm 175×74×68
Weight, g <570
Adapter ring mount M52 x 0.75
Detection range, m
(Target size:1.7m×0.5m,P(n)=99%)

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