Infiray TH35 Traditional Tube Scope


The TH35 traditional tube thermal imaging rifle scope inherits the classic streamlined scope from the TL35. With one shot zeroing capabilities and first of its kind industry leading technology in the first OLED display. The 1.39” display expands the field of view, improves image clarity and will significantly improve the user’s visual experience.


  • Low profile traditional style scope
  • Removable rechargeable lithium battery with 8hr + extended battery life
  • WiFi Compatible
  • 3 – 12x Magnification
  • 1816m Detection range

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Infiray TH35 Traditional Tube Scope follows the classic Tube appearance design by looking like a day riflescope. TH35 expresses an advanced and brilliant creation out of Tube series by using the 1.39’ round screen. The 1.39’ round screen will bring a whole different sense of experience by offering a much bigger view. For whom value tradition and pursue technology improvement , TH35 is a go- to choice .

1.39’ Round Screen

The application of 1.39’ round screen is groundbreaking and Innovative in the thermal scope industry. The grand view brought by 1.39’ round screen can present a more comfortable and pleasant observing experience.

Infiray TH35 Traditional Tube Scope Round Screen

Infinite Zooming

While TH35 can achieve the magnification of 3.0-9.0 times, it can perform infinite zooming which means you can adjust the magnification to the times you like during 3.0-9.0. Fit your need more by serving the details in a way you want it to.

Infinite Zooming

12um Pixel Pitch

Featuring the self-researched, high-performance 12um detector, it provides high quality and detailed images.

Ultraclear Mode

When Ultraclear mode is on, bad weather condition effect is off. With Untraclear mode, TH35 can still provide a clear and detailed image even in bad weather conditions such as heavy fog and rain. Bad weather can’t slow you down.

Ultra Clear Mode

Classic inheritance Go-to-choice for Traditional Ones

Full aluminum housing guarantees the reliability of TH35, applicable for 30 mm diameter pipe, the appearance allows TH35 to be installed on standard 30 mm scope rings, with simple operation, high stability.

Infiray TH35 Traditional Tube Scope

High Shock Resistance

The high shock resistance of TH35 is up to 1000G, it ensures the reliability of TH35.

High Shock Resistance

Sufficient Operation Time

Built-in batteries work for 8 hours, and with an additional 18500 battery for back up, working time of TH35 will be 11.5 hoursBattery Life

Upgrading 32G Storage, No Miss of Precious Moments

The storage space updated to 32G, more worth-recording moments can be captured and preserved.

Storage Space

5 Practical Color Palettes

TH35 prepared 5 different color palettes which are white hot, black hot, red hot, color, hot target highlight you can choose to suit different situations. The hot target highlight mode is particular owned by InfiRay to help you highlight the target and blacking the rest, target will be more obvious while the background turns into black.

5 Colour Palettes

Diopter Adjustment Free

In order to avoid inconvenient diopter adjust operations for users, InfiRay has innovatively developed one feature on TH35– no need to adjust diopter. The clarity of image is demonstrated in the range of -4D without diopter adjustment, as well as expanded to +3D through extra accessories.

Infiray TH35 Traditional Tube Scope

Infiray TH35 Traditional Tube Scope – Specs

Model TH35
Detector Resolution 464×464
Pixel Pitch, μm 12
NETD, mK ≤40
Frame Rate, Hz 50
Objective Lens, mm 35
Field of View 8.8×8.8
Magnification, X 3.0-9.0
Eye Relief, mm 50
Detection Range
(target size:1.7mx0.5m,p(n)=99%)
Display 1.39″ OLED
Battery Built-in 2 18650 battery packs Replaceable 18500 battery
Max. Battery Life, h 11.5
Weight (without batteries-18500), g <850
Dimension, mm 375x85x75
Interface Type-C
Storage, G 32

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